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Posted ByLori on June 08, 1999 at 06:39:28:

In Reply to: Dresses Only - Nonsense, generally. posted byJoshua Daniels on May 15, 1999 at 14:16:54:

I hope no one will throw out any part of G-ds word! 1st Peter I;25 says The word of Adoni endureth forever. Matt. 5:17-20 says he who keeps my commandments will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and he who does not and teaches them not to will be the least. 1st John 2:3-4 If you love me keep my commandments any man who doesn't obey them and says he know him is a liar. Daniel 7;25 says do not think to change the times and laws. Romans 15:10 gentiles rejoyce with his people. These are not my words but the words of G-d. I would think no man can dispute these words. Praying always, Lori

: Dresses ONLY? No, but my opinion doesn't rule on that matter. Is it her husband that has commanded that she wear dresses only? Then, yes; the Lord has led me through submission to ridiculous rules to an understanding of what submission means, and it means doing what others want you to do.

: As far as "rules" for modern Christians, even the one we're discussing doesn't apply. Have a look at Acts 15. The question came before the Apostles: "Do Christians have to obey the Law of Moses?" The answer the Holy Spirit gave was this:"Only the parts about sexual immorality, eating blood, and eating meat offered to idols." By this command we are freed from ALL rules and regulations except those listed in Acts 15. If someone tries to construe a violation of "woman shall not wear that which pertains to the man" as sexual immorality, they're definitely not speaking with the authority of the Holy Spirit.

: Don't use this to throw out the entire Old Testament. Only Leviticus, parts of Exodus, and parts of Deuteronomy are cancelled by Acts 15, and then the definitions of sexual immorality still apply and it's still forbidden.

: Today, it's not rules, but whether we tend our relationship to Him and live by faith. To have relationship, you MUST hear the Voice. In John 8 Jesus says, "He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is because you do not belong to God."

: I have helped many hear the Voice of God. If you don't hear it yourself, email me at To make decisions like dresses only, etc., you have to hear the Voice, otherwise you're vulnerable to every authoritative-seeming buffoon with a Bible and a little education.

: You and only you are responsible for your walk with Him. "To such as believed in Him, He gave power to become Sons of God." Are you using that power, to become a Son (Daughter) of God, or do you think that simply believing that Jesus is the Messiah guarantees your salvation? You MUST also bear fruit, which is listed in Galatians 5 and must come from the Holy Spirit, which, if you ain't got it, you must have it. Jesus said, "Any branch which is IN ME, and does not bear fruit, will be cut off and cast into the fire." Here He is plainly speaking of Christians who start the race with salvation and baptism, but don't finish it with maaturity that ends up with them standing on their own and walking in those good works He prepared for them to do before the world began.

: In other words, quit asking what other people think and start finding your own answers from the Scripture and the Holy Spirit. I stand ready to help you do that by helping you hear the Voice, but the responsibility for your life is your own. Know this, too: the Holy Spirit will never tell you something that conflicts with the written Word. Know the Word, hear the Voice, check it against the Word, and you'll begin to grow in grace and power and your prayers will start getting answered specifically and fully.


: Love ya, sis. Now get with it, will ya? I don't want to leave you behind on J-Day.

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