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Neal Walters, MCT

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View my current Microsoft Transcript to see which classes I'm available to teach, such as BizTalk 2006: MS_Learning_Transcript.pdf

Neal Walters, MCT, MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA,
CIW Certified Instructor,
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform

Objective: BPM Architect using Biztalk, Sharepoint, and Workflow.

Have passed both VB.NET and C#.NET exams.

Click here to Download MS/Word Resume

Certified to teach the following Microsoft Courses

.NET and Newer Microsoft Courses
2157 (formerly 1509) 2-day Biztalk 2004 Admin Course 1 This course is only offered by Microsoft Gold partners.
2158 (formerly 1510) Biztalk2004 Developer Course
7 This course is only offered by Microsoft Gold partners.

See my Biztalk site:

NA BizTalkServer 2004 2-day "Roadshow" 2 Biztalk 2004 - These were free or near-free classes for selected Microsoft partners.
NA BizTalk 2004 5-day Trainer the Trainer 1 Attended Microsoft
May 10-14, 2004
2379 BizTalk Server 2000 8 BizTalk
2728 BizTalk Server 2002 with .NET 2 Biztalk
NA Custom Biztalk Classes 1 Biztalk
NA Sharepoint 2003
3-day "Roadshow"
1 Sharepoint
1907 Distributed VB Applications COM+ for Windows 2000 1 VB
2124 Programming C# 2 C#.NET
2349 Programming MS .NET Framework with C# 0
Attended class
and taught VB equiv.
2415 Programming MS .NET Framework with VB 1 VB.NET
2373 & AppDev Programming VB.NET 5 DotNet
2415 Programming MS.NET Framework with VB 1 DotNet
2805 1-Day .NET Security Seminar 1 DotNet
or Equiv.
XML-Enabled Applications with SQL 2000 1 SQL/XML
2092 Using DTS (Data Transformation Services) to Populate SQL/Server 2000 Data Warehouses 2 DTS SQL/Server
2063 or 2640 3-Day Intro to ASP.NET 1 ASP.NET
2310 & AppDev 5-Day Developing ASP.NET with Visual Studio 5 ASP.NET
2524 XML Web Services 1 .NET/Web Services
2557 Building COM+ Applications with .NET Enterprise Services 1 .NET/COM+
2433 VB Script & Windows Scripting Host Essentials 3 VB, Win Admin
2349 WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) 2 VB, Win Admin
Microsoft Courses
Course Description Approx Times Taught Category or Major Topics Covered
1017 Mastering Web Development using Microsoft Visual Interdev 9 Interdev/Web/ASP/ADO
1013 Mastering Visual Basic 6 Development 2 VB, COM, ADO
1016 Mastering Enterprise Development using Visual Basic 6 0 VB, COM, ADO
1303 Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic Fundamentals 0+ VB, COM
Taught a different VB fundamentals class at Dell Boot Camp.
unauthorized VB Classes Have taught several misc non-Microsoft VB Classes from intro to very advanced. 14 VB, COM, ADO

*See also IBM VB classes below in the IBM class section.

1298 Mastering Distributed Applications Design using Microsoft Visual Studio 1 VB/Visual Studio/COM
1905 Building XML-based Web Applications 7+ XML, Web

+Also taught 3-day XML course using curriculum from Productivity Point, 3-day AppDev course, and two 5-day IBM Courses.
1913 Exchanging & Transferring Data with XML and XSLT 0 XML, Web, XSL, SAX
1009 Mastering Web Site Fundamentals 2 HTML, DHMTL,FrontPage98
1912 Intro. to Web Development none HTML, DHTML, FrontPage2000
2071 Querying MS/SQL Server with Transact-SQL (2 day) 1 SQL
2072 SQL 2000 Admin none SQL
2073 Programming
SQL 2000
2091 & similar Building XML Enabled Applications with SQL Server 1 SQL/XML

Other: Javascript, PERL, CIW and Java Classes:

CIW Web Languages 1 JavaScript & PERL
CIW Application Languages 1 CGI/PERL, PHP, ASP
CIW JAVA Programming (or Similar) 3 Java
CIW-Unauth E-Commerce 1 Marketing, Banners, Credit Card Processing, etc...
Other JavaScript/DHTML 7 Javascript/DHTML (Dynamic HTML)
PERL 5-day PERL on NT or Unix ( 2 PERL
IBM Classes(I am no longer pursuing these classes):

MS600 - Fundamentals of Visual Basic 5 VB
XML01 - Intro to XML
for Non-Programmers
XML10 - XML Programming
and Related Technologies
XML20 - Using XML and Java
to Build Web Applications
attended XML
NEW XML321 attended XML

Other Classes:
HTML Basic/Advanced 2 HTML, frames, tables, etc...
(includes software testing, system requirements, VB, ASP, JavaScript, VB/Script, XML)
4-week sessions
for Dell in Austin TX
for Pier1 in Ft. Worth

IBM MVS/OS390 Mainframe Classes (I still teach these because there is such a shortage of trainers in this area):

Mainframe Database 10+ Concepts and Facilities, Batch IDMS/COBOL programming,
ADS online, and Advanced ADS online.

Author of IDMS Chapter of COBOL UNLEASHED, and IDMS Computer-Based-Training Tutortial - click here for details.

COBOL IBM MVS/OS390 Mainframe COBOL Programming 0
30? Designed TSO/JCL courseware and taught numerous in-house classes back in the 80s
Mainframe SAS
30? Taught 3-day class for a bank.

I have taught classes for the following companies: IBM-US, IBM-Europe, EDS, Intel, Hertz, Country Wide Mortgage, Land's End, Pier One, Loreal, Dollar, JC Penney, Miami Dade County, University of Colorado, and University of North Carolina, along with training centers such as IBM, Executrain, CompuEdge, Productivity Point, Infotek, Computers Made Simple, and Caspian.

Neal Walters has earned the following degrees: BBA in Accounting (1980), MSBA in Mangement Information Systems (1981), and Juris Doctor (1986).

Neal is age 44, and has been working with the Basic language and IDMS databases for about 18-19 years, including 9 years with Fortune 50 oil company, huge government contracts, and as a consultant to software vendors and the telephone company of Puerto Rico. His teaching experience includes several years of in-house teaching of mainframe subjects as TSO, SAS, and FOCUS, and has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer since April of 2000. Neal has also taught Bible classes and home-study groups for about 20 years.

Neal is also a mainframe COBOL and TSO/MVS expert, and has authored the IDMS chapter of COBOL Unleashed.

Amerisoft Inc is an Oklahoma based corporation for the businesses of Neal Walters, who works only on a 1099 basis.

View Resume in Internet Explorer Web Browser:

Contact Information

888-240-4515 (old fax machines may have to press 2)
Postal address
1770 Plummer Dr., Rockwall TX 75087
IDMS Computer-Based-Training Course,
IDMS Database Design and Maintenance, 15 years DBA experience,
ADSO, Release 12.0 and 14.0, Year 2000 (Y2K) Conversion,


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